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Fun and family unity
Sharing you screen with your friends and family while playing Pokemo Go would be fun but tracking your team adds a whole new dimension Sharing mobile screens with your friends while playing Pokemon Go or other games makes everyone have more fun!!! Tracking your friends while playing Pokemon Go or other games is more fun and much safer for everyone!!! Maybe you can make teams or hunt Pokemon as a tribe? Peers list Peer tracking Turn on and off tracking globally or for each individual peer Navigation to peers Voice calls - Group voice calls coming soon Video calls - Group video calls coming soon Text and group texts selected from peers list Email and group selected from peers list Chat - Group voice chat coming soon Screen sharing, You will be able to share your screen with your peers while playing games like Pokemon Go Location search engine and navigation Utility features are on all screens except the SOS screen SOS features are always on screen and redly accessible
The peers bar provides individual or group selection of your active peers for: Tracking Voice calling Voice and Video calling Chat Text Email Screen sharing

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